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RoboMaster TT

Broaden your horizons

UAVs have developed rapidly in recent years, and they have an irreplaceable position in certain industries. In the future, UAVs will be applied on a large scale in different fields to help humans complete various dangerous tasks. Therefore, our team offers the following courses, hoping to help young people in Hong Kong to stay abreast of the times and global trends, use small drones as the basis for development, share our experience and knowledge with young people, and inspire more people interested in technology Young people, help them achieve the future.

UAV application







Your creativity. Unfold with flight

2021 latest drone experience course

UAV x programming system

The biggest feature of RoboMaster TT is the combination of drones and programming. It lowers the learning threshold of robots and artificial intelligence, and cultivates curiosity and self-confidence when students are just exposed to technology education. Therefore, the brand-new RoboMaster TT has a programming application program, which realizes multi-machine collaborative control and artificial intelligence applications through rich software and hardware expandability. Bring a completely new experience to robot education and fully stimulate students' creativity.

idea. Let me express

In the programming system, students can express creative information from Robomaster's electronic screen, and students can use their imagination to express information in words or patterns.

One machine in hand. Multi-aircraft formation

RoboMaster TT supports router mode, so that multiple RoboMaster TT can be connected to a WiFi router at the same time, receive programming code commands and provide feedback, so as to realize multi-machine status synchronization and complete coordinated control of multiple drones. Whether it's teaching, competition, or performance, you can do whatever you want!

Programming. From shallow to deep

Students can use RoboMater TT to easily learn programming languages such as Scratch, Python or swift on a mobile phone or tablet to drive the drone to fly around or rotate 360 degrees back and forth, cross obstacles and other complex tasks, and experience the fun and fun of autonomous programming. Sense of success.  


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The first collection of high school to junior high school

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  • 在緊湊刺激的2小時裏,學員可以模擬置身於未能世界,運用RoboMaster S1 智能機械人戰車及 Tello Talent 無人機完成任務

    星期一, 星期二, 星期三, 星期四, 星期五, 星期六

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