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DJI RoboMaster TT



Drone workshop

Experience latest application of technological innovation with 6 hours of equipment

Want children to learn innovative thinking?

Do you want them not to resist latest technology?

DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent

A professional drone to achieve children's desire on aerial photography, programming, scientific knowledge and more!


About the Workshop

UAV Programming

The biggest feature of RoboMaster TT is the combination of drones and programming. It lowers the technical barrier of learning how to code a robot, build artificial intelligence use cases and thereby it can germinate their curiosity and self-confidence. For instance, the TT has a nice graphical-programming interface to let students transform logic control into real flying missions of TT. It also allows an array of machine control to execute intelligence and swarming applications with SDKs and hardware upgrades. It brings an unprecedented experience to Robotics, STEM and Coding education.


"Display" your Ideas

In the programming interface, students can express creative information from RoboMaster's electronic screen. The customisability of setting color, brightness and frequency can channel the imagination of students. 


Swarming Performance

RoboMaster TT supports router (Station)mode enabling multiple TT can be manipulated at the same time via a WiFi router with programming commands. With the swarming setup, students can synchronize machine status  and complete coordinated flight control of multiple drones. Whether it's for teaching, competition, or performance, you can do whatever you want!


Programming. From shallow to deep

Students can use RoboMater TT to easily learn programming languages ranging from Scratch to Mind+, Swift to Python. Flying by itself by command or by re-routing itself around obstacles,  360-degrees rotation, or any other complex tasks.  


Unleashing your creativity with Innovation


Getting started in 6 hours 

DIY. Autonomous flying drone Workshop

(Block-based Programming)

"Say Hello To TT"

  • Introducing basic UAV operation, structure and components of TT, Simplified concepts of Aerodynamics, mechanisms of sensor etc.

  • Giving brief lecture on operation regulation of UAVs of Hong Kong (CAD) and safety guidelines

  • Experiencing and learning how to manually control Tello Talent (indoor flight)

  • Using daily life examples to illustrate programming concepts , basic syntax and logic

  • Experiencing and learning how to control Tello EDU through Tello EDU App/ Scratch programming

  • Trying to collaborate with group members to complete the tasks assigned by the instructor

"Exploring Sensors and building the Testing Program"

  • Using Tello EDU App to compile programs that can receive real-time feedback from connected sensors like ToF sensor 

  • In this task, students will learn to use concepts such as IF ELSE, LOOP, VARIABLES, etc.

"Program Testing and Flight Mission Challenge"

  • On the field set up by our instructor, students would try to make TT "escape from the maze" without any human manipulation.

  • Students with satisfactory results would be rewarded.


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