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 Why MODI?

MODI IoT (Internet of Things) Kits by LUXROBO, one of the winners of the Red Dot Award in 2017, renovated the building experience of IoT systems. With its modular design, MODI makes IoT Programming fun and accessible, as well as providing a seamless learning experience possible with its snap and play design. The variety of available modules and programming platforms of MODI,  cater both the needs of beginners and advanced learners.


​Smooth learning experience with Snap-and-use design

MODI IOT system adopts a modular design connected by a magnetic mechanism. It allows a swift and reliable connection between modules. It minimizes connection issues, allows students to focus on IoT system design and programming.


Multi-platform support

The MODI IoT system is compatible with Entry, Scratch, Python, and Modi's own softwares: MODI Studio, MODI Sketch, and MODI Play. Choose the platform according to your educational needs.


Flexible for interdisciplinary use

Modular design gives MODI the flexibility to be used in both STEM and humanities education. MODI is expandable in the future by adding new module kits.


Seamless experience

Compared with other IoT platforms such as Arduino, MODI is well known for its convenient snap-and-use modules. With MODI, students no longer need to be concerned with wiring and shell construction. Enabling a streamlined education process with minimal hardware difficulties.

Excellent interface.

Easy learning

MODI is suitable for both beginner and advanced learners. For beginners, MODI is programmable by block-based programming platforms such as Scratch and MODI's own Code Sketch app. Advanced learners can use Python or MODI studio to interact with the MODI IoT system.

MODI is your complete ecosystem of hardware, software, teaching materials and accessories 

Applications of MODI

Unlimited possibilities with MODI

Designer Kit

Ages | 6+

Number of Modules | 7

Expert Kit

Ages | 6+

Number of Modules | 21

Hello AI Kit

Ages | 6+

Number of Modules | 7 Optional



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