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Leading the future of human society with innovative technology

We started in 2018, from vision to flagship brand

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Training courses
Personal body , mind and spirit, design thinking , technology application, verbal expression

  Media Production
Event photography, product photography, graphic design, web design

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Essential Oils and Life
Personalized AI health consultation, essential oil application courses, professional guidance from technicians

Holistic health services
Physical, mental and spiritual health consultation , adjustment of physical and mental health

Artificial Intelligence Learning Platform
DSE English writing guidance , tutors’ fast and accurate review, DSE mock test creator

Essential Oil Recipe AI Chat Room
Instant personalized essential oil formula suggestions and health information push

Image by Zaptec

Installation of electric vehicle charging facilities in schools

As electric cars become a new trend, more and more teachers and alumni choose to drive electric cars back to school. Imagine if the school can provide medium-speed or slow-speed charging facilities, you can charge your car while you are parked and prepare for the next journey. Join us to move towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Coming soon in 2024
Hong Kong's first AI learning system

Thank you for your support. We will notify you as soon as the Beta version of the system is available.

Image by Nick Morrison

English Writing

According to the age and ability of students, guide students to think and construct the outline of the essay, make real-time corrections on the grammar and content of the essay, and provide revision suggestions and reasons.

Image by Unseen Studio

DSE Exam Reviewer

Analyze the long-answer questions of designated subjects and provide feedback on answering skills based on historical data and information provided by the Examinations and Assessment Authority. At the same time, the system can also analyze the knowledge points that students need to strengthen their memory or practice based on their answer sheets.

At school

DSE Mock Exam Creator

Based on the exam scope and format of specific subjects, questions close to real exams are generated to allow students to practice and assess their own preparation level.

About Us

I NSPIRE is a service brand founded by university graduates who are passionate about drone technology and innovative technology education. Our mission is to inspire innovative thinking in society through education and inspire the younger generation to create endless possibilities through technology.

Since our founding in June 2018, we have been committed to providing a range of professional and innovative educational courses to various institutions and schools, including but not limited to drone operation, multimedia creation, 3D printing and product design. We are committed to advancing the forefront of technology education and paving the way for future innovators.

INSPIRE is a registered service mark of Coxana Innovation Limited, focusing on education and production.

BeLeaf is a healthy lifestyle brand under Coxana Innovation Limited.

​DO is an AI application platform launched by Coxana Innovation Limited.

COXA is a connected sensor independently developed by Coxana Innovation Limited.

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