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INSPIRE® is a registered service mark of the company. Since 2016, it aims to use leading technologies to provide a series of professional production and STEM education services, including aerial production, professional filming, digital graphic design, three-dimensional drawing, IoT system design, etc.

Trending S.T.E.M. Workshops and Services

Math and Geometry Tools


IT Lab Innovation Workshop

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MODI Modular IoT Kit programming


Drone Courses


Product Design Workshops

Incubating Innovators - MODI Modular IoT Kit

Let students be freely creative to invent their own Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices

MODI Expert Kit

MODI Expert Kit


DJI R Club | RoboMaster Robot and Drone Workshop

E-sports, STEM and AR Immersive Robotics Learning 

DJI R Club 
S1 & TT Advanced Training Workshop

DJI R Club aims to promote robotic e-sports platform with revolutionary immersive AR learning experiences and international contests. Powered by the DJI RoboMaster Ecosystem,  the concept of learning Robotics, Coding and STEM-related knowledge is redefined here.

Our Experiences

Education service

The original intention of our team was to inspire students to independently explore and master some state-of-the-art technology applications so that students can experience and understand how to apply them to daily life and change the future. Our role is to bring these technologies into the classroom, experience them with them, and stimulate their creativity and potential. The latest courses include:

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#Programming STEM course 


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