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RoboMaster S1 - a revolutionary STEM education robot

Designed to unleash the potential of learners, the RoboMaster S1 is built packed with DJI's latest technologies. S1 has 46 programmable components, intelligent sensing armor, 6 programmable AI modules, and more. Both beginners and experienced can program S1 either by Scratch or Python interface. Through the various game modes and supporting ecosystem, students not only are able to learn programming through experience but also acquired related STEM knowledge and problem-solving skills.

​Innovative Hands-On  Learning 

All-in-one package for education and gaming 

Build your own RoboMaster S1

There are 46 Programmable components in RoboMaster S1. Learn the construction and mechanism of them by building your own RoboMaster S1.


Diverse programming platforms for all

RoboMaster S1 is well-suited for both beginners and experienced in programming. S1 supports both drag-and-drop interface Scratch and more advanced Python code for users to choose from. 


Immersive control experience

RoboMaster S1 can be controlled by your phone, pc, or the RoboMaster S1 Gamepad. Choose the controller that suits you and control S1 with the low-latency HD FPV.


Improve your coding through problem-solving

Learn to become a better S1 programmer by testing and refining your own program. Grow stronger in tackling challenges from yourself, tutors and peers. 


Battle in the AR world with interactive game modes​

Battle with your peers in AR free-for-all, racing, or conquest mode in the RoboMaster App. Setup vision markers and showcase your skill in the above game modes.


Grow together in games and competitions


Combine the 21st century

The latest scientific research technology

Robomaster S1 has advanced sensors, gimbal stabilization technology, artificial intelligence algorithm, etc. Each technology has huge application development potential. Students can get in touch with the application of high-end technology earlier than others, and have more experience than children of the same age. Richer experience.

Getting started programming

Suitable for beginners of any age

The programming teaching principles in Robomaster S1 are practical and easy to understand, without too many complicated processes, allowing students to enjoy themselves, and to enjoy the process of independent programming, laying a foundation for children to learn advanced programming in the future.

Combination of education and entertainment

Become the new trend of the times

Learning to use robots will use a variety of physics and mathematics knowledge, in addition to entertainment elements in the process, but also invisibly allows children to learn scientific knowledge and cultivate their interest in learning. Over time, let children learn to think and connect with reality.

Before success

Everything starts with hands-on assembly

Assembling RoboMaster S1 is not difficult, but there are also challenges. After repeated attempts, children can more effectively understand the application of each component, and learn experience and gain a sense of success in the process of practice, which is of great significance to future development.


RoboMaster S1 6 Hours Fundamental Workshop

Learn to program and STEM knowledge via RoboMaster S1

01/  Introduction to RoboMaster S1 & Programming 

  • Introduce components of RoboMaster S1 and its functionalities 

  • Introduce concepts and fundamental logic of programming 

  • Introduce block-based programming using the RoboMaster app 

  • Explain mechanism and STEM knowledge of RoboMaster S1 chassis (Mecanum Wheel):

    • Related STEM knowledge: Friction, Vector, Force and motion, etc.

  • RoboMaster S1 battle experience 

02/  Programming of Chassis, Gimbal & Blaster

  • Introduce DJI R Club RoboMaster Competition and related rules

  • Programming of chassis movement via RoboMaster app (block-based):

    • Program RoboMaster S1 to move in designated patterns

  • Mini competition: Race to navigate through an obstacle course with programming 

  • Explain the mechanism and STEM knowledge of RoboMaster S1 gimbal & blaster programming:

    • Related STEM knowledge: Electromagnetism, physics of an electric motor, etc.

03/  Programming of Hall Effect Sensor & Smart Armor 

  • Introduce the three travel modes of RoboMaster S1

  • Programming of gimbal and blaster via RoboMaster app (block-based):

    • Program RoboMaster S1 to shoot targets while navigating through a designated path  

  • Mini competition: Battle with custom 'battle abilities' (such as dodge, peak-and-attack, etc.) created by programming

  • ​Introduce Hall effect sensor & smart armor of RoboMaster S1

    • Related STEM knowledge: Hall effect, electromagnetic waves, mechanism of a microphone, etc.

  • Programming of Hall effect sensor & smart armor via RoboMaster S1 app (block-based):

    • Program RoboMaster S1 to obtain gimbal information, and move with reference to the gimbal direction

    • Program RoboMaster S1 to detect armor hit and counter-attack 

04/  RoboMaster Competition Experiential Lesson

  • Cooperation session for both parents and students 

  • Revision on programming and components of RoboMaster S1

  • Experience RoboMaster Competition 

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