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RoboMaster S1

RoboMaster S1 - Connection of reality and programming

As a bridge between the virtual world and the real world, RoboMaster S1 supports two programming languages, Scratch and Python, combining abstract theory and practical operations into one, allowing you to re-understand knowledge, experience artificial intelligence, and cultivate the habit of independent thinking and practice Ability to solve problems.

​Feel multiple learning experiences

Without you, I can't just be afraid that you dare not

Hands-on assembly of precision parts

RoboMaster S1 has 46 programmable components, and the body is covered with 6 induction armors. Students can create their own RoboMaster S1 track, design competitions, and even multiplayer competitions! The fun of assembling, designing, and fighting obviously make the boring and abstract programming in the imagination substantiated, so it is natural to learn to use it flexibly and achieve the real application of what has been learned.

Programming from the shallower to the deeper

Students can use mobile phones or computers to write Scratch or Python programming languages to drive RoboMaster S1 to translate or rotate arbitrarily and traverse complex roads autonomously to complete tasks. Any novice video game player also has the opportunity to become a programming expert.  

Excellent control experience

In the control process, the need to simultaneously monitor screen, on the other hand to control the robot to move through the hands rocker, while the transport of the brain used to coordinate his hands and all the senses, require students to have a high degree of focus on the operation and concentration .  

Cultivate a new generation of problem-solving thinking

In autonomous programming learning, children must think about how to arrange the code reasonably in the entire program, so that the program can smoothly process input, calculation, and output. In the process, children can be trained to logical analysis of things, greatly enhance the child's problem-solving thinking.  

Virtual entity. Fusion One

The screen picture is integrated with the real scene, simulating the driving situation in the mechanical chariot, providing a more realistic sense of presence and bringing you a more exciting experience.  

Interactive sports. Grow together

The robot teaching class will be conducted in a group, and the experience and competition are the process of cooperation and growth of the learning group. Children need to unite and cooperate, tolerate the shortcomings and deficiencies of other members, communicate effectively with others, and then correct mistakes by themselves. Improve your teamwork and hands-on skills in practice.

Combine the 21st century

The latest scientific research technology

Robomaster S1 has advanced sensors, gimbal stabilization technology, artificial intelligence algorithm, etc. Each technology has huge application development potential. Students can get in touch with the application of high-end technology earlier than others, and have more experience than children of the same age. Richer experience.

Getting started programming

Suitable for beginners of any age

The programming teaching principles in Robomaster S1 are practical and easy to understand, without too many complicated processes, allowing students to enjoy themselves, and to enjoy the process of independent programming, laying a foundation for children to learn advanced programming in the future.

Combination of education and entertainment

Become the new trend of the times

Learning to use robots will use a variety of physics and mathematics knowledge, in addition to entertainment elements in the process, but also invisibly allows children to learn scientific knowledge and cultivate their interest in learning. Over time, let children learn to think and connect with reality.

Before success

Everything starts with hands-on assembly

Assembling RoboMaster S1 is not difficult, but there are also challenges. After repeated attempts, children can more effectively understand the application of each component, and learn experience and gain a sense of success in the process of practice, which is of great significance to future development.

robo s1-1.png

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