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Learn to WIN with


Learn with the latest robotics for STEM education and e-sport


Learn to build, battle, and code with the RoboMaster S1, with DJI's first education robot packed with interactive game modes and intelligent features.


Intelligent drone with extensive modules. 

Let creativity fly high.

Enabling aerial innovation.

We invite your Kids

to experience the interactive learning in DJI R Club

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DJI R Club, jointly founded by DJI Hong Kong and INSPIRE, aims to promote robotic e-sports platform with revolutionary immersive AR learning experiences and international contests. Powered by the DJI RoboMaster Ecosystem,  the concept of learning Robotics, Coding and STEM-related knowledge is redefined. Playing and self-initiated exploration have become the vital source of motivation for learning. 

Want to cultivate your children to embrace the technology of the future early from now ? DJI R CLUB provides an extensive platform for children, students, teachers, and even upstream professionals including DJI engineers, university professors across a wide-range of fields to get connected with each other, participating in interactive games, getting addicted to technology and programming, and create the impossible together.


DJI R Club

2021 workshops

Students aged 9-14 are welcome to join!
Secondary School Student playing drone

Experiential Workshop 

Let children fall in love with RoboMaster S1 and TT by experiencing different exciting and immersive games.


​Advanced Training Workshop

Choosing S1 or TT , or both for certain, to further explore from working principles, components inside-out, applicable programs to excel in contests. Our workshops aims to inspire and nurture them progressively. Upon completion for the workshops, students will be awarded a certificate recognized by DJI R Club.

Free Workshop

2-hour Experiential Workshop - Limited Offers

2 hours

Having fun and learning with peers

Getting Hands-on touching with S1 and TT

Would like to get hands-on experience with RoboMaster S1 and TT? Join our 2-hour experiential workshop designated for students to experience the functionalities and possibilities of the RoboMaster Family.


Students will learn to control the RoboMaster S1 and TT to compete in a series of thrilling missions. Don't hesitate to test your ability and potential by joining our experiential workshop! 

DJI Robomaster Worskhop 1min Recap
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Foundation Workshops Available

Booking Portal

Extended Modules for Enrichment 


Explore the future 

Unleash your creativity

DJI R Club injects new ideas into our new generation
Experience the future of artificial intelligence technology
Master the trend of the times

Fun Learning

Unmasking the advanced technology of RoboMaster machines with immersing gaming and programming workshop carefully designed by INSPIRE instructors, allowing students not only to have fun, but also to use their creativity to modify robots and design programs for fierce robot competitions.

Top teachers

The courses are designed by creative and energetic university graduates as designers and mentors of the workshops. Students can get professional learning experience from our team and ultimately we vision to inspire them to create with technology.


The workshops and related competitions will be conducted in teams. Students can meet mentors and peers along their learning activities to collaborate, display different skills together, and complete different exciting and challenging tasks.

Global Contest

DJI R CLUB not only connects students from Hong Kong, but also connects students and fanatics around the globe to promote the opportunity for everyone to unleash and to participate in international competitions. 

The unique experience established by DJI R Club

E-Sports X Robotics. Programming X Engineering

Students who'd like to challenge themselves with battles would find ROBOMASTER a home to love. This competition is a robotics competition and academic exchange platform specially designed for global technology enthusiasts. It allows international participants from designing to controlling robots, and even getting a sense of success and excitement in the game competition. It also makes participants and audiences feel hot. Subtly, students immersed in such an E-Sport Robotics atmosphere would voluntarily explore beyond the content taught in DJI R Club.

2019 RoboMaster International Competition Review

Integrated the most robust technology into one machine

Allowing players to explore new generation technology

Learn by Doing

The RoboMaster S1 bridges the digital world with the real one, bringing abstract theories to life through practical operations. The S1 supports Scratch and Python programming languages, allowing users to experience math, physics, and AI technology in a cutting-edge and inspiring way.

Hands-on touch with precisely-engineered components 

Competitive atmosphere empowered by intelligent robots Connecting friends and peers

Integrated the most robust technology into one machine

Allowing players to explore new-generation technology


Technology unleashing creativity

RoboMaster TT is "coming for the future". It is upgraded on the basis of Tello EDU's software and hardware, allowing players to have array control of drones at the same time to enable massive intelligence applications.  With the newly equipped LED screen, you can display creative patterns, animations, or display text in LED revolving lanterns through graphical programming interfaces like Scratch, or advanced programming language including Python.


Co-create infinite possibilities in DJI R CLUB


DJI Hong Kong and INSPIRE team present with creativity and passion

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