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Unleash Potential with Technology

The unique and challenging aspect of STEM education is its ever-changing content and changing technology. As educators, do we just teach some so-called STEM stuff that can be found on Google / YouTube? For our INSPIRE team, our basic mission is to inspire students to independently explore and master some avant-garde technology applications. The focus is on letting students Experience and understand how to apply them to daily life and change the future. Our role is to bring these technologies into the classroom, experience them with them, stimulate their creativity and potential, and inspire their infinite possibilities.

Our Clients

As of the end of May 2021
INSPIRE provides professional education services to many schools and institutions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Public Institutions
Primary School
Secondary School
Teaching Hours
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Colleges and universities
Affiliated colleges or societies
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Educational Mission

The original intention of our team was to inspire students to explore and master some cutting-edge technology applications on their own, so that students can experience and understand how to apply technology to daily life and change the future with innovation. Our role is to bring these technologies into the classroom, experience them with them, and inspire their creativity and potential.

#Drone photography course #Media production course #Designer workshop #Programming workshop
#MODI Programming Electronic Building Blocks Workshop

Team qualifications

In terms of teaching qualification, each of INSPIRE's teaching team has at least obtained a Bachelor degree with different expertise. It aims to pass on knowledge, influence life with life, and inspire each other.

Education Portfolio
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HKUST Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program

Our team is committed to incorporating ordinary technology into a diverse curriculum to satisfy student curiosity. We also flexibly customize the modules and length of each course to meet the students' needs.
Practical interests and the best interests of your school.

Training cours overview

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