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The unique and challenging aspect of STEM education is its ever-changing content and changing technology. As educators, do we just teach some so-called STEM stuff that can be found on Google / YouTube? For our INSPIRE team, our basic mission is to inspire students to independently explore and master some avant-garde technology applications. The focus is on letting students Experience and understand how to apply them to daily life and change the future. Our role is to bring these technologies into the classroom, experience them with them, stimulate their creativity and potential, and inspire their infinite possibilities.

As of the end of January 2020

INSPIRE provides professional education services to many schools and institutions in Hong Kong

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In terms of teaching qualification, each of INSPIRE's teaching team has at least obtained a Bachelor degree with different expertise. It aims to pass on knowledge, influence life with life, and inspire each other.

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Our team is committed to incorporating ordinary technology into a diverse curriculum to satisfy student curiosity. We also flexibly customize the modules and length of each course to meet the students' needs.
Practical interests and the best interests of your school.


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  • INSPIRE的導師正指導學員使用無人機

    Drone Courses

    #Drone Experience course

    #Aerial Cinematography

    #3D Mapping / Photogrammetry

    #360 Panorama

    ​#Investigation with Drone 

  • Expert Kit_detail_600.jpg

    STEM Coding Courses

    #MODI IoT Kit

    #Tello Programming Workshop

    #S1 Programming Workshop

  • Product Design MindMap

    Design Workshops

    #Product Design X 3D Printing

    #Mobile Apps UI UX Design

  • Video Editing with using Adobe Premiere Pro

    Multimedia Courses


    #Thematic or Event Production

    #Professional Photography

    #Video Editing (Pr /Resolve)

    #Photos Editing (Photoshop)

    #Animation (After Effects)

  • 電子線

    IT Innovation Lab

    #Drone Application

    #IoT Programming

  • Innovation Workshops

    #DIY Solar Charging Station

    #IoT Smart Planting Pilots

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Eddie Leung, Drone VIP Student

Looking back, this class had gone through a lot of changes, both the personalities of each participant and the atmosphere. I still remember the first few lessons where most of us are scared to even use the controller to control the drone. Fortunately, our instructor is very friendly and interactive that made us have the courage to get into loving the hobby. I am overwhelmed that how this class has brought me into myself now. From an amateur to a hobbyist, from a student to a participant. This class not only taught me how to simply fly a drone safely, but also taught me how to interact with others, how to deal with different scenarios, and more importantly, have a mature mindset.

Chi Kit Lam, 3D Printing Student

This semester school opened an elective course, I chose 3D printing, because I am very interested in 3D printing, I learned a lot of knowledge in class, two teachers taught us how to draw a model with a computer, and then teach us How to control the 3D printer to print out the model, how to correct the defects on the model, and also learned a lot of other knowledge about 3D. Learning 3D printing is really fun!

Carbus Sze, Drone Class Student

Being a primary six student, I've never dreamt of having the chance to participate and learn how to control a drone, or even know nothing about drone. For me, this experience is really wonderful and unforgettable.

At first, I was a bit scared of flying, or even controlling the drone. It seemed to be dangerous and fragile to me. Luckily, my tutors taught me how to do it step by step, and also explained to me that the drone itself had various collision sensors to prevent it from crashing into any buildings or trees.

I started to learn how to control the drone and became better at this skill. Eventually, I became the “director” of our group and I could plan the whole filming process, and also could advise my groupmates on filming every shot. This is definitely one of the most unforgettable moments throughout this whole aerial photography course.

After primary school, I still continued this hobby, and became the secretary of the Drone Club. If I hadn't had this chance to participate in the p.6 course, I would not have become a part of the Drone Club. This course not only taught me another perspective to view the scenery, but also boosted my confidence.

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