Coxana Innovation

Coxana Innovation is founded by passionate university graduates who are drone fanatics and would like to sincerely inspire our next generation with drone technology. We provide solutions for STEM education, aerial production and digital content media.  Each member of our team is a specialist in their respective areas on production and teaching.

Coxana Elites

Alex Godskit

|| Founder & Director

|| Chief Instructor for Aerial Cinematography, Drone Advanced applications, Innovation Workshops


Experiences Highlight:

  • Consultant in HK Civil Aviation Department closed-door consultation for drone legislation

  • Chief Operator in Aerial Filming for movie 戒命人(2020)

  • Over 4-year quadcopters teaching experiences,, 600 students for 500 hours

  • Over 8-year experiences in Media Production and Hardware Innovation

  • Commercial or Volunteer Production services for Caritas, AIESEC, SKYPIX, HKUST,  HKU Medicine School, CSWCSS

Ericsson Ng

|| Co-founder

|| Instructor for Drone Advanced applications, Photogrammetry

Experiences Highlight:

  • Over 4-year quadcopters teaching experiences

  • Sophisticated in applying Photogrammetry technologies in Civil Engineering applications

Xavier Ho

|| Co-Founder

|| Creator in Graphic Design, UI, Multimedia

|| Instructor for Professional Design and editing


Experiences Highlight:

  • Over 5-year Content Creation Experiences, dedicated in Photography, Videography, Marketing and Graphic Design

Tay Wong

|| Co-founder

|| Digital Marketing and Creative Content Creator

|| Instructor for Drone Filming, Professional Photography and Videography

Experiences Highlight:

  • 3 years of experience in photography and aerial production

  • 1 year of experience in professional videographyCommercial service for clients including food, interior, aerial and event photography and film-making

Bobby Lam

|| Professional Photographer for Event, Portraits, Landscape and Interior


Experiences Highlight:

  • Over 5-year photography services for clients in Hong Kong and United Kingdom

Thomas Ting

|| Instructor for Product Design & 3D Printing

Adrian Wong

|| Professional Filming & Drone Instructor


Experiences Highlight:

  • Founder of Adrian Montage

  • More than 6-year experience in Media production over Hong Kong and Australia (Wedding, Commercials, Movie Production etc.)

Tommy Tong

|| Drone Operation Instructor

Experiences Highlight:

  • Core skills in Production Management, Creative Film and process improvement

  • Commercial UAS Operator with CDP-C License

  • Founder President of Association of Hong Kong Aerial Filming

Thomas Kwok

|| Instructor for Drone workshops

|| Aerial Film-Maker and Videographer for Event Production




Hong Kong