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AI and STEM Workshops

Unleashing potential with technology

At INSPIRE Education, we focus on providing experiential learning, so that students can explore scientific principles through practical operations, deeply understand and absorb knowledge, and then apply these technologies to unleash their creativity. Our course design allows students to learn through experience, understand the mechanism through practice, and internalize these technologies into their own abilities, so as to unleash their potential in the innovation process.

We firmly believe that through this learning method, students will be able to truly master knowledge, apply the skills they have learned to future challenges and opportunities, and achieve their own innovative journey.

AI and STEM courses at a glance

Course Features

Drone Series

Fly beyond imagination and soar into new scientific horizons

Since 2015, the founders of INSPIRE and their team have been committed to independently developing and providing a series of professional drone application courses. Our courses are designed to teach in-depth knowledge of drone operations, including understanding relevant regulations, flight principles, safe operations, and key skills such as multi-drone collaborative operations. These courses not only provide professional training in aerial photography technology, but also cover the teaching of programming skills, both of which are important components of contemporary drone applications.

In INSPIRE's drone workshops, students will receive comprehensive theoretical teaching and rich practical experience. From the Tello Talent programming workshop, students will learn how to make drones fly autonomously, perform obstacle detection and formation flight; to advanced drone operation courses, from basic Tello drone control exercises to professional Mavic drone shooting techniques, our course design is designed to help students learn through practice, deeply understand and master these advanced technologies.

Image by Hyory Liu

AI Application Design Course

Smart thinking, AI shapes tomorrow

Since the beginning of 2023, the INSPIRE team has been closely following AI technology, especially the rapid development of Generative AI, whose potential in creative expression is impressive. Therefore, our founding team actively invested in research to explore how to apply these cutting-edge technologies to education, so that learners can apply what they have learned in their daily lives and work to enhance its value. By the end of 2023, our team has successfully developed a personalized artificial intelligence dialogue robot and designed a series of innovative solutions for learning assistance and commercial applications.

In our specially designed AI Creator Workshop, students will receive an in-depth introduction to CHATGPT and master the core concepts of supervised and unsupervised AI. In addition, students will be guided to Prompt Engineering - creating effective prompt models to define AI functions for specific needs. The workshop will also provide practical opportunities for students to actually test some common AI models, such as object recognition and statistical analysis, so as to consolidate the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

Image by Levart_Photographer

Programming Series

Weaving the future, starting a new era of programming

In INSPIRE's programming courses, we integrate hardware programming into teaching to make the learning process more intuitive and attractive. For example, we provide students with Tello Talent programming courses to let them learn programming skills for a single drone or multiple drones (formation flying). In addition, we also provide DJI RoboMaster S1 robot programming tutorials, so that students can master and apply the control and programming principles of actual combat robots.

At the same time, we also introduced the MODI (Luxrobo) hardware programming module, which is a modular learning tool that allows students to learn the basic knowledge and skills of hardware programming by combining different modules. In this way, students can not only see the real-time effect of programming, but also experience the entire innovation process from design to implementation.

In addition to hardware programming, INSPIRE also offers a Python game design course, where students can learn how to use the Python language to create their own video games. This not only enhances students' interest in programming, but also cultivates their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through these practical activities, students are able to transform abstract programming concepts into concrete and interesting results.

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