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Campus Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

Are there more and more teachers, staff or guests driving electric vehicles to school in your school parking lot? Schools can consider installing several electric vehicle charging facilities to provide medium or slow charging for electric vehicles. COXANA has partnered with EV-Dr. to provide a one-stop solution for schools in Hong Kong, from assessing power facilities, charger installation and maintenance, aiming to install it properly for schools.


About EV-Dr. Partners

EV-Dr. has been included in the EHSS contractor list.

There is a lot of preliminary work and evaluation required in terms of consultation, bid entry, infrastructure installation timeline and electric vehicle charger installation design. Their team will help you follow up on these tasks to ensure smooth progress.

EV-Dr. (EV Doctor) - AutoStar Limited is a qualified electrical contractor specializing in new energy electric vehicle charging systems and is committed to providing professional and considerate electric vehicle charging system services to Hong Kong electric vehicle users.

EV-Dr. provides one-stop high-quality, reliable and economical electric vehicle charger installation services, solving the daily charging needs of electric vehicles for electric vehicle owners, parking lots, private housing estates and industrial and commercial buildings in Hong Kong, and facilitating the use of personal independent chargers in parking lots at home and work. Services include supporting facilities, on-site evaluation, installation and testing, maintenance and after-sales services. The engineering staff is a team of Hong Kong registered A-level electrical technicians with relevant electrical engineering project experience.

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