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IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools

IoT and drone technology are becoming more significant in the modern information age. INSPIRE ®Education launches IoT programming and drone technology education package for the 'IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools' programme 2020/21- 2022/23 to equip students with the latest knowledge of information technology.

About IT Innovation Lab

SThe OGCIO implements the “IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools” (IT Innovation Lab) initiative under the existing “Enriched IT Programme in Secondary Schools” (EITP) to provide funding support of up to $1 million in the three school years from 2020/21 to 2022/23 for each publicly funded secondary school to upgrade their IT equipment and facilities and organise IT-related activities.

IT Innovation Lab solution by INSPIRE ® Education

INSPIRE ® Education team launches IoT(Internet of Things) and drone education packages tailored for IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools. Our packages include customized programs for beginners to advanced learners and necessary education equipment (MODI IoT system, Professional drones) for the IT Innovation Lab scheme. 

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IoT Programming

MODI-IoT System

Drone takes off

Drone Application

Aerial Filming & 3D Mapping

INSPIRE Education elite introduced MODI-IoT System, which let teachers and students to experience IoT technology conveniently and easily. The modular design of MODI IoT system make students build their own system by simply adding sensors and control modules in the system. Students can use it to design smart aquariums, automatic watering systems, lighting systems, and other smart IoT systems that are suitable for different scenarios.

In recent years, drone technology has become widely used around the world, from recreational applications, professional photography to geographical surveying. INSPIRE Education elite provides a series of courses on using this technology, including aerial photography production, 3D mapping, and surveying. Students can deepen their understanding of this potentially unlimited technology through experiential learning. during class.


​MODI-IoT programming

The concept of IoT (Internet of Things) originated from the 1980s in the early days of the Internet development in the last century. The Internet is like a net that connects computers to computers. With the advancement of information technology, people begin to connect things other than computers to the Internet. The Internet of Things, the concept of connecting objects and objects into a network, came into being. Objects collect data through sensors and network devices, communicate with each other, use resources more effectively according to usage needs, and bring convenience to life.


The Internet of Things programming course allows students to use their creativity to design smart furniture/campus systems and make them aware of the latest information technology/Internet of things technology. Colleagues hope to cultivate students' interest in system design and programming.

The MODI IOT IoT system introduced by the INSPIRE team can provide teachers and students with the most convenient and smooth IoT learning experience. The modular design of the MODI IoT system can add and subtract various sensors and control modules in response to learning themes to design smart aquariums, automatic irrigation systems, lighting systems, and other smart IoT systems suitable for homes and schools.

The MODI IoT system is designed with modularity, and its advantages are as follows:

  1. Different sensors and control modules can be added according to learning topics, and block-based programming and advanced programming language Python are also supported. It can be used for introductory and advanced IoT programming teaching just by using the same IoT system.

  2. Its plug-and-play design can reduce hardware connection problems, allowing students to focus on the design and programming of the IoT system.


Drone technology-Aerial photography, 3D geomorphology scanning

UAV technology has become more and more widely used in recent years, from recreational applications, professional photography, to landform surveys, and even cargo delivery, traces of UAVs can be seen. The INSPIRE team provides a series of drone-related courses, such as aerial photography courses, 3D terrain scanning so that students can deepen their understanding of this potentially unlimited technology through experiential learning.  

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