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AI helps you prepare for DSE easily

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About this AI Portal

Welcome to COXANA's AI English writing platform! We are Hong Kong's first learning assistant specially prepared for DSE top students. We want to help you use AI to build your personal daily learning habits. Come together, use COXANA's AI writing platform to help you move towards the success of the DSE exam!

How to use it? It's super simple:

  • Put your English composition on the grid below.

  • Our AI will analyse your essay in real time, referencing previous DSE exam questions and notes from top tutors in Hong Kong, to give you instant, relevant and comprehensive feedback.

  • From grammar, structure, vocabulary to logic, improve your writing skills in all aspects.

A helping hand in preparing for the exam!

Remember, we are here to help, not to replace school teachers or private tutors. If you want to learn in depth, remember to ask for their professional advice.

You said, let's change

Please tell us whether you are happy using it or not. We want to work with you to make this AI more considerate.

Transparent Updates

Every time AI is updated, we will publish an update log to let you know clearly what new features and improvements are there.

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