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A Revolutionary AIoT Building Platform
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Plug and play

AIoT smart butler without welding and programming

COXA is a simple plug-and-play AIoT intelligent system. Users only need to plug various exclusive sensors into the COXA host, put them in the proper place, and cooperate with the COXA phone application to build their own AIoT intelligent system allows you to experience the most convenient application of intelligent technology.

COXA System with four modules
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Let you install the system according to your preferences and needs

COXA is characterized by its simple installation, integrated management design and safe and reliable system. We have designed more than 40 types of standardized sensors for COXA, including RGB sensor modules, touch sensors, infrared human motion sensors, etc., plus the use of our own mobile phone App, users can use safe remote End connection and artificial intelligence management, build your own intelligent system.


​Smart Life

Just simple steps to achieve

COXA makes it easy for you to realize smart life. Whether you are industrial users, educators or home users, just plug in COXA sensors and related devices to easily set up a smart scene, such as automation Management, garden management systems, home lighting management devices or smart monitoring, etc., to solve different life inconveniences or experimental needs.

(2019 beta)


Starter Kit

Now accepting pre-orders

The COXA Starter Kit has all the basic components of COXA, including 5 sensors, 3 actuators, 1 COXA host, Island Board, COXA USB smart switch and smart housekeeper, etc.

COXA - Most powerful modular AIoT ecosys

​COXA Starter Kit Beta has entered the production stage

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Single suit. Multiple applications

Any combination, only care about your design and actual needs

COXA designs for you! 

Innovation of COXA

> 95%

Reduction on 
development time

Compared with the building time (i.e. 5 hours to make a Smart LED Light) with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, building with COXA just takes 10 minutes, which is 96% less time. The time saved and encouragement granted can further enhance user’s motivation to continue building more personalised AIoT.


Wiring / Coding / Debugging

COXA is more favourable to users without technical background. The easier the building process, the higher the motivation of potential users to try building COXA to solve their needs by Automation. For instance, Smart Gardening, Smart Aquarium etc.


For long-term and large-scale usage

COXA is designed for daily uses. Its durable hardware, intelligent App management and security outperform our direct competitors which focus on short-term educational projects or experiments only. A few aspects like power supply, remote connectivity and multi-device communication are not found in their ecosystem. 

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