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MODI Intelligent System Programming Workshop

This workshop will use the MODI intelligent system developed by LUXROBO in South Korea, allowing students to design, assemble and program their own intelligent system to achieve automatic monitoring or control functions.

Reference hours

10 hours

Course Overview

Students will use the MODI modular electronic building block platform to learn and experience the integration of hardware and programming to design different IoT systems and apply them to solve real-life problems. Through vivid and interesting experiments and tasks, students can improve their sensitivity to real-life problems, problem-solving skills and creativity, while enhancing their understanding of engineering and technological knowledge.

Why learn programming with MODI electronic building blocks?

Today, technology is becoming more and more integrated, and hardware and software are indispensable. Different from other IoT or embedded systems, MODI adopts a truly modular design, connecting modules with a revolutionary magnetic structure, eliminating the complicated processes of wiring, welding or shell design of traditional "electronic building blocks" such as micro:bit and Arduino, allowing students to focus more on system design and programming.

MODI's own MODI Studio provides an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical programming interface. Together with the mobile app MODI Play and a variety of modular hardware, it is suitable for students of any level to learn and use, making it easy to turn their ideas into reality. Advanced students can use Python to monitor and control each module in real time, providing a higher degree of freedom. MODI also provides a wealth of accessories and teaching materials to ensure that every student has sufficient resources and reference materials to achieve their learning goals.

Course Content

01/ Introduction to IoT and MODI

  • Share the application of IoT in daily life, such as smart home, smart campus, etc.

  • Explain the basic structure and components of electronic systems

  • Introducing the modules and functions of MODI electronic building blocks

  • Experience using MODI's ready-to-use features to create simple smart systems

02/ Design Thinking

  • Understand the concept of design thinking

  • Solve problems through five steps: "observation, creative thinking, design, prototyping, and product testing"

  • Try to use design thinking to study some popular social problems, such as smart cities, environmental protection and energy conservation, etc.

03/ MODI Programming

  • Programming software and interfaces for the MODI platform (MODI Studio, MODI Play)

  • Basic concepts of programming (Variable, Input-Output, etc.)

  • Programming control flow (If-Else, For Loop, While Loop, etc.)

  • Use different programming methods to solve problems

04/ Interdisciplinary Integration

  • Combine 3D modeling and printing or other technologies to create more complex and diverse systems

  • Provides greater creative freedom

  • Expand the use of MODI platform to other application levels

05/ Design Project

  • The theme is smart campus and automation system

  • Designing IoT systems using MODI electronic building blocks

  • Improving campus life by automating the campus, optimizing energy use, or other aspects

IoT technology is not out of reach. With the MODI smart programming system developed by the Korean EDUTECH company LUXROBO, we can design and assemble our own smart systems. We can perform automatic monitoring or control, freely combine different device combinations, use image blocks or Python programming on mobile devices or computers, and even connect AI computing and third-party APIs to create unlimited possibilities. Compared with other IoT building platforms such as Arduino, MODI is most popular among users for its ready-to-use feature, which saves a lot of hardware assembly processes such as wiring and shell making. It allows students to focus on system design and programming in limited class time and unleash their creativity.

To view more information about MODI, please visit the following pages.

Learning objectives

Students will be able to independently use the MODI intelligent system for program design and hardware integration, and apply what they have learned to solve real-life problems. Students will also enhance their creativity, problem-solving skills, and understanding of engineering technology.

Suitable for

Students who are interested in technology and programming and want to learn how to use the MODI intelligent system. Regardless of the students’ programming foundation, they can learn and benefit from this workshop.

Teaching Team


The instructors have professional programming and teaching experience and can instruct students on how to use the MODI intelligent system for hardware integration and programming and solve practical problems.




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