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DIY Essential Oil Candle Workshop - Crystal Essential Oil Making Class

By making candles, learning about crystals, blending essential oils according to personal preferences, and teaching the basic use of aromatherapy essential oils, service users can experience the relaxation effect of using products or aromatherapy essential oils, thereby improving their focus and quality of life.

Reference hours

2 hours

Course Overview

  1. Learn the properties, aromas, and therapeutic benefits of common essential oils and how to use them.

  2. Learn about the energy properties, healing attributes and selection criteria of different crystals, and learn how to incorporate crystals into candle making.

  3. Learn about the characteristics and selection methods of different candle materials, including soy wax, beeswax, etc., and understand the basic steps and tools of candle making.

  4. Practice candle making techniques, blend essential oils and crystals into candles, and create crystal candles with healing energy and aroma.

  5. Explore different decorations and design elements such as colors, petals, dried flowers, etc. to make your candle creations more personal and beautiful.

  6. Learn how to properly use and care for your essential oil crystal candles, including lighting, extinguishing, burn time control, and safety precautions.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Learn about the properties of different essential oils, how to choose and combine them, and their healing benefits.

  2. Understand the characteristics and energy properties of different crystals, choose suitable crystals, and incorporate them into candle making.

  3. Master basic candle making techniques, including choosing candle materials, preparing containers, pouring candles, adding essential oils, etc.

  4. Explore different decorations and design elements to make your candle creations more unique and beautiful.

  5. Learn how to properly use, light and extinguish candles, as well as how to properly store and care for your creations.

Suitable for

Target: Junior high school students and adults, groups and parent-child classes are welcome

Teaching Team

Ivanes Chow

The instructor has a certificate in aromatherapy, has received training in mental first aid health courses, and has provided more than 500 hours of training and holistic health services for companies and groups.

Ivanes Chow



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