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DaVinci Resolve Workshop: Master Professional-Level Short Film Editing Techniques

This workshop will teach students how to use DaVinci Resolve, a professional and free short film editing software, to systematically sort and filter the videos they shot and create their own video works based on their own storyboard designs.

Reference hours

6 hours

Course Overview

The workshop will teach students how to use the basic functions of DaVinci Resolve, including importing materials, editing videos, adjusting sound effects, etc. Students will learn how to effectively sort and filter videos according to their own storyboards and edit their own works. In addition, students will also have the opportunity to explore some advanced features of DaVinci Resolve, such as color correction and visual effects production.

Course Content

01/ Post-production concept and software introduction

  • Understand the essential elements of a short film (pictures, sounds, atmosphere, effects, etc.)

  • Learn script and storyboard writing, and conceive story themes and materials needed

  • Get to know the video editing tool - Davinci Resolve, including basic workflow, operating interface, function recognition, etc.

02/ Post-editing

  • Integrate and sort materials according to the storyboard design

  • Learn how to use the video editing tool - Davinci Resolve, such as importing footage, basic editing techniques, adding subtitles, etc.

  • Edit the footage into highlights, add appropriate music, special effects, color grading, transitions, etc.

  • During the editing period, students are specially taught how to enhance the cinematic feel of the picture.

03/ Works Sharing

  • This session is specially designed to allow students to appreciate each other's carefully crafted works and exchange their thoughts.

  • Conclusion and industry exploration sharing

Classroom Equipment
  • Recommended: CPU i5, RAM 16GB or above

  • Davinci Resolve 16 or above installed

  • 3.5mm earphones

Learning objectives

Students will be able to use DaVinci Resolve to edit videos independently and create video productions based on their own storyboards. In addition, students will learn how to practice editing at home using this free software to improve their editing skills.

Suitable for

Students who are interested in video creation and want to learn how to use professional editing software. Regardless of the students' editing foundation, they can learn and benefit from this workshop.

Teaching Team


The instructors have professional video editing and teaching experience, are familiar with the operation and techniques of DaVinci Resolve, and can provide practical guidance and suggestions based on the students' level and needs.




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