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3D terrain scanning technology: drone aerial photography and photogrammetry

This workshop will introduce how to use drones to take photos from multiple angles and use the photogrammetry engine to create 3D models, as well as how to perform post-production modification, measurement, animation or 3D model printing on the models.

Reference hours

6 hours (including outdoor shooting activities)

Course Overview

How to use drones to scan physical buildings into the virtual world?

Students will learn the concepts of photogrammetry and how to use the appropriate equipment and engines for modeling. Next, students will learn drone sketching and camera techniques and practice indoors/outdoors. Finally, students will have the opportunity to conduct an aerial sketching activity at a chosen location and learn how to import assets into a modeling program for modification and export.

Course Content

01/ Concept of Photogrammetry

  • Discuss what is photogrammetry? Share industry examples (e.g. aerial photography of 3D models )

  • Introduce the objectives and shooting tasks of this course

  • Explain filming equipment and modeling engines (types of drones, modeling engine programs)

02/ Drone sketching operation and camera movement skills

  • Introducing the aerial photography techniques (circling flight) and

  • Small practice sessions indoors/outdoors

03/ Outdoor photography and sketching

  • Perform an aerial sketching activity around a selected building or location

04/ Modeling and repair (moisturizing part)

  • Importing assets into the modeling program

  • Edit and export your work to a web plugin, or even export it to a 3D printable file to print out the model



Course Test

  • To understand students’ understanding of the course content, there will be several interactive game tests during the course.

Finished Product

  • Students’ work will be evaluated


Additional Services

3D Modeling Program License

  • Select different programs according to project needs.

Insurance purchasing

  • Purchase insurance for students who are going on photo shoots.


Other Information

Teacher-Student Ratio

  • 1:5 to 1:10, depending on the teaching or activity mode

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, students will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of photogrammetry and learn drone operation and camera techniques

  • Know how to do aerial sketching and 3D model building

Suitable for

Students who are in Primary 6 or above and are curious about 3D modeling and sketching

Teaching Team


Professionals with professional drone operation experience and familiar with drone regulations. Some star instructors have obtained Class B flight licenses issued by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department and have many years of experience in commercial aerial photography and film production.




學校起動計劃, 小學奇趣IT識多啲計劃, 中學IT創新實驗室計劃, 優質教育基金, 學生活動支援津貼

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