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Head, Shoulders and Neck Essential Oil Massage Class

By understanding the structure of the head, shoulders, and neck, we can understand the problems that urban people often face. By learning the basic application of aromatherapy essential oils, service users can experience the healing effects of aromatherapy essential oil massage on the head, shoulders, and neck, thereby improving personal care and maintenance of the head, shoulders, and neck.

Reference hours

2 hours

Course Overview

  1. Learn the basic techniques and techniques of head, shoulder and neck massage, and understand the benefits of massage for both physical and mental health.

  2. Understand the anatomy and common problems of the head, shoulders and neck region, and master the corresponding massage techniques to relieve pain and tension in a targeted manner.

  3. Develop your sense of touch and observation to accurately identify and respond to your body's needs.

  4. Providing hands-on opportunities and guidance to enable you to confidently perform Head, Shoulders and Neck Massage, whether for yourself or others.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the bones, muscles and joints of the head, shoulders and neck, as well as the related pressure points and sensitive areas.

  2. Learn basic massage techniques such as kneading, pushing, squeezing and tapping, as well as the appropriate pressure and rhythm.

  3. Understand common pain and tension problems in the head, shoulders and neck, such as headaches, stiff shoulders and neck, etc., and learn corresponding massage techniques.

  4. Master the order and process of massage, and perform systematic massage from the head, neck to shoulders.

  5. Learn how to perform self-massage at home to relieve targeted discomfort in the head, shoulders and neck area.

  6. Get a 30ml bottle of essential oil for massage.

Suitable for

Target: Junior high school students and adults, groups and parent-child classes are welcome

Teaching Team

Ivanes Chow

The instructor has a certificate in aromatherapy, has received training in mental first aid health courses, and has provided more than 500 hours of training and holistic health services for companies and groups.

Ivanes Chow



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