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Audio and Aromatherapy Healing and Stress Relief Experience Class

By learning about audio therapy and teaching the basic application of aromatherapy essential oils, participants can experience the relaxing effects of audio therapy or aromatherapy essential oils, thereby improving their focus and quality of life.

Reference hours

1 hour and 30 minutes

Course Overview

  1. Learn the basic concepts and techniques of meditation, and cultivate concentration and insight.

  2. Improve the ability of emotion management and emotion regulation to achieve emotional balance and stability.

  3. Learn to practice emotional meditation to reduce stress, relax your body and mind, and increase your mental tranquility and peace.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the origin, purpose and benefits of meditation. Learn the basic concepts and principles of meditation, including concentration, observation and self-observation. Understand the impact of meditation on emotion management and mental health.

  2. Meditation techniques: Learn different types of meditation techniques, such as body meditation, breathing meditation, awareness meditation, etc. Learn how to cultivate concentration, enhance self-observation, regulate emotions and increase inner peace through meditation.

  3. Emotional Management: Learn how to recognize, accept and manage your emotions. Explore the nature and source of emotions and practice not being attached to them to achieve emotional balance and stability.

  4. Emotional Meditation Practices: Learn to maintain inner peace and tranquility during emotional fluctuations through meditation and other practices. Explore emotional meditation methods and techniques and apply them in your daily life to increase emotional stability and peace of mind.

  5. Practice and experience: Through practical practice and experience, students will have the opportunity to actually apply meditation techniques and emotional meditation exercises in class, and feel the relaxation of body and mind and emotional stability. At the same time, students can also share and exchange experiences and feelings with the instructor and other students.

  6. Receive a bottle of stress-relieving aromatherapy oil.

Suitable for

Target: Junior high school students and adults, group classes are welcome

Teaching Team

Ivanes Chow

The instructor has a certificate in aromatherapy, has received training in mental first aid health courses, and has provided more than 500 hours of training and holistic health services for companies and groups.

Ivanes Chow



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