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Aerial 360 Panorama Photography: Drone Panorama Course

This workshop will teach students how to use drones to take photos and stitch them into 360-degree panoramic photos for interactive browsing experiences on social media platforms.

Reference hours

6 hours (including outdoor shooting activities)

Course Overview

Students will learn how to operate a drone to take photos and stitch them together into 360-degree panoramic photos. This technology allows people to feel like they are in the air and appreciate the aerial landscape. Students will have the opportunity to share their panoramic photos on social media platforms, providing an interactive browsing experience.

Course Content

01/ The concept of 360-degree panoramic composite photo

  • Introduce the objectives and shooting tasks of this course

  • Explain the principles of image stitching technology and 360 panorama

  • Introduction to filming equipment and software (types of drones, image stitching and editing programs)

02/ Outdoor Photography

  • Take an aerial 360-degree photo around a selected building or location

03/ Repair and synthesis

  • Import the material into the stitching program

  • Use Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom to edit and export your work to social networking sites

Classroom Equipment/Software

Filming equipment (rental/purchase)

  • Various training drones

  • Various professional drones

Computer Software

  • Photo retouching software: Adobe Photoshop/ Lightroom

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, students will be able to:

  • Understand how to operate a drone to take photos

  • Know how to stitch photos together into a 360-degree panoramic photo

  • Share panoramic photos on social media platforms and provide interactive browsing experience

Suitable for

Students who have basic knowledge of drone operation and are interested in aerial photography and 360-degree panoramic photography

Teaching Team


Professionals with professional drone operation experience and familiar with drone regulations. Some star instructors have obtained Class B flight licenses issued by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department and have many years of experience in commercial aerial photography and film production.




學校起動計劃, 小學奇趣IT識多啲計劃, 中學IT創新實驗室計劃, 優質教育基金, 學生活動支援津貼

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