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Drone Aerial Photography Course: Cinematic Aerial Photography Production Course

This workshop will teach students how to operate a professional drone, perform cinematic aerial photography, and learn basic video editing using DaVinci Resolve.

Reference hours

10 hours

Course Overview

Why isn’t aerial photography just about practicing flying?

The aim of this workshop is to teach students how to operate a professional drone like a DJI Mavic or Inspire to create cinematic aerial photography. Students will learn about site scouting and script planning, and how to properly fly around a target. Finally, they will use Davinci Resolve to perform basic video editing and export their work. This will be very useful for students to create a promotional video of their campus that the Info Day guests can enjoy.

Course Content

01/Filming and Production Concept
  • Discuss what is filming production? Sharing industry examples (aerial advertising, film, event photography)

  • Introduce the objectives and shooting tasks of this course

  • Explain filming equipment (types of drones, professional cameras and gimbal functions)

  • Learn why you should work with other filming equipment

02/Basic shooting techniques

  • Understand the basic knowledge of photography (such as pixels, principles of digital cameras, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focal length, etc.)

  • Learn composition techniques (such as Rule of Third, Golden Triangle, Golden Ratio, Leading Lines, etc.)

  • Understand the essential elements of a video (pictures, sounds, atmosphere, effects, etc.)

03/Drone shooting operation and camera movement techniques

  • Introducing common aerial photography techniques and precautions

  • Comprehensive techniques for highlighting cinematic aerial photography and related visual effects

  • Conduct advanced flight training and real-life filming

04/Professional camera and gimbal control skills (moisturizing part)

  • Experience the functions and controls of professional cameras (mirrorless)

  • Understand and try out the functions, installation and settings of gimbals (stabilizers)

  • Equipment Overview and Introduction

05/Theme Photography Production

  • With aerial photography as the main theme, first conceive the theme and material of the shooting

  • Learn how to use storyboards to plan indoor and outdoor shooting plans, including plot lines, materials, etc.

  • Go to the planned shooting environment for aerial and ground shooting

06/Basic post-editing

  • Integrate and sort materials according to the storyboard design

  • Learn how to use a free video editing tool (Adobe Rush or DaVinci Resolve)

  • Edit the footage into highlights, add appropriate music, special effects, color grading, etc.

  • During the editing period, students are specially taught how to enhance the cinematic feel of the picture.

Student Works


Written test (50 MCs)

  • The course will require participants to take a test on their knowledge of aerial photography safety, the content of which is based on the guidelines of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department.

Drone flight test

In addition to the written test, the course will also conduct a flight test for each student (refer to the UK PfCO content) to assess the students' safety awareness when flying a drone, and to assess their familiarity with the necessary operating skills and their ability to respond to emergencies in a timely manner, so that students can meet safety standards in operation.

Classroom Equipment

Filming equipment (rental/purchase)

  • Various training drones (Tello Talent)

  • Various professional drones (Mavic Mini / Air 2S / 3Pro)

  • Camera (Sony 4K-Filming Camera)

  • Gimbal (ZhiYun Crane 2 / Ronin S)

  • Others (Tripod, slider)

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, students will be able to:

  • Master the skills to operate professional drones such as DJI Mavic or Inspire

  • Know how to plan and implement aerial photography

  • Basic video editing with Davinci Resolve

Suitable for

Suitable for high school and college students who are interested in aerial photography and video production.

Teaching Team


Professionals with professional drone operation experience and video production experience.




學校起動計劃, 小學奇趣IT識多啲計劃, 中學IT創新實驗室計劃, 優質教育基金, 學生活動支援津貼

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