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Small drone programming course: Tello Talents autonomous driving and group flight mission design

This workshop will teach students how to use the Tello EDU App to program the Tello Talents drone, design flight missions, and create a simple drone dance show.

Reference hours

10 hours

Course Overview

How to enable students to achieve challenging flight missions through programming

In this ten-hour workshop, students will learn how to use the Tello EDU App to program the Tello Talents drone.

First, we will explain how to make a drone fly autonomously by using sensors such as an IR ToF sensor.

Students will then be guided to design and execute their own flight missions.

In the last part of the workshop, we will teach students how to make a drone and perform a simple dance. By participating in this workshop, students will gain basic drone programming skills and practical experience.


Course Content
  1. Explore the structure, sensors, and flight principles of Tello Talent

  2. Tello Talent "One-to-one automatic flight programming":

    • From the basics to the advanced, students are taught how to use the image programming software in the Tello EDU App to set commands for automatic flight.

    • Learn how to use logic blocks, such as "If", "Then", "Loop", etc., to design advanced flight commands for your aircraft.

    • Using Tello Talent's unique external module, the road conditions ahead can be detected to achieve unmanned autonomous flight tasks.

  3. Flight missions at a glance:

    • Traffic lights in the sky

    • Unmanned flight - escape the maze

    • Unmanned autonomous flight - climbing mountains and ridges

  4. Tello Talent "One-to-many group programming":

    • Learn to use the Router to connect multiple Tello Talents to a central control and set different flight commands for each.

    • Design flying motions for multi-axis timelines, allowing Tello Talent to fly interactively in the air.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, students will understand :

  • Program the Tello Talents drone using the Tello EDU App.

  • Use sensors (such as IR ToF sensors) to make drones fly autonomously.

  • Design and execute your own flight missions, challenging your programming skills and innovative thinking.

  • Build and program a drone to perform a dance routine.

Suitable for

Suitable for elementary and middle school students who are interested in drone programming or technology.

Teaching Team


Our team of instructors has rich knowledge and skills in drone operation and programming, and can effectively impart knowledge to students in a vivid and interesting way. The beginner experience courses are mainly taught by college students in the team. They are close in age to the students and can establish a good interactive and learning atmosphere with the students. Our instructors are passionate about teaching and can explain difficult technical knowledge in an easy-to-understand way, ensuring that students can easily learn and master the course content.




學校起動計劃, 小學奇趣IT識多啲計劃, 中學IT創新實驗室計劃, 優質教育基金, 學生活動支援津貼

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