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DIY Handmade Soap Workshop - Hot Process Soap Making Class

By making hot-made handmade soap products, blending essential oils according to personal preferences, and teaching the basic use of aromatherapy essential oils, participants can experience the relaxation effect of using products or aromatherapy essential oils, thereby improving personal focus and quality of life.

Reference hours

2 hours

Course Overview

  1. Learn to make handmade soap using the hot process and understand the basic ingredients and production process of soap.

  2. Explore a variety of natural ingredients and additives, such as vegetable oils, essential oils, plant powders, etc., to create unique soap recipes and effects.

  3. Understand the chemical reaction process and saponification value of soap, and learn to calculate and safely operate related formulas.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the basic principles of handmade soap making, including saponification reaction and soap ingredients. Be familiar with the materials used, such as sodium solution, various vegetable oils, etc.

  2. Learn how to design your own soap recipe, choose vegetable oils and essential oils, and blend according to different needs and effects.

  3. Understand the precautions during the saponification process to protect your body and the environment.

  4. Experience the actual process of making hot process handmade soap, including preparing ingredients, mixing, stirring, moulding and cutting.

  5. Learn how to store and care for handmade soap to extend its life and ensure its quality. Understand the usage and effects of soap and enjoy a pure and natural washing and care experience.

Suitable for

Target: Primary school students in grade 4 and above, adults, groups and parent-child classes are welcome

Teaching Team

Ivanes Chow

The instructor has a certificate in aromatherapy, has received training in mental first aid health courses, and has provided more than 500 hours of training and holistic health services for companies and groups.

Ivanes Chow



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