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Drone Aerial Photography Course: Basic Knowledge of Regulations and Drones

This workshop will introduce the relevant regulations for drone operation and the basic operation knowledge of Mavic drone.

Reference hours

6 hours

Course Overview

In addition to the experience, students can also learn about drone safety regulations.

The purpose of this workshop is to let students understand the relevant regulations for drone operation and learn the basic operation knowledge of Mavic drones. Students will learn how to operate drones safely and legally on campus and master basic drone control skills.

Course Content

01/Drone technology, regulations and principles

  • Introducing the application of drones in various industries and sharing examples

  • Objectives of this course

  • Explain Hong Kong's drone regulations and drone flight safety rules

    • A1, A2 and B drones and related flight rules

  • An in-depth introduction to the different components of drones and their applications

02/Drone control experience

  • Introducing the drone takeoff, safety inspection and landing procedures

  • Experience flying beginner and professional drones

  • Completed drone safety written test and various flight route training

  • Written test (50 MCs)

    • The course will require participants to take a test on their knowledge of aerial photography safety, the content of which is based on the guidelines of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department.

Classroom Equipment

Filming equipment (rental/purchase)

  • DJI training drones (Tello EDU, Tello Talent)

  • DJI Professional Drones (Mavic Mini, Mavic 2 Pro)

Other Information

Teacher-Student Ratio

1:5 to 1:10, depending on the teaching or activity mode

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, students will be able to:

  • Understand the relevant regulations for drone operations

  • Master the basic operation knowledge of Mavic drone

  • Understand how to safely and legally operate a drone on campus

Suitable for

Students who are interested in drone operation but have no prior experience.

Teaching Team


Professionals with professional drone operation experience and familiar with drone regulations. Some star instructors have obtained Class B flight licenses issued by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department and have many years of experience in commercial aerial photography and film production.




學校起動計劃, 小學奇趣IT識多啲計劃, 中學IT創新實驗室計劃, 優質教育基金, 學生活動支援津貼

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