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Thinking and Non-coding Practice Workshop

This workshop will guide students to transform into innovative thinkers, master design thinking, and use the no-coding platform DragOnce to implement digital solutions.

Reference hours

20 hours

Course Overview

Digital transformation is unstoppable. How should students equip themselves?

In this era of rapid digital change, students need not only academic knowledge, but also innovative thinking and practical skills to cope with future challenges. That is why we specially designed this "Future Innovators: Design Thinking and No-code Practice Workshop". In this workshop, we will inspire students to fully utilize their innovative thinking to explore and solve digital needs on campus.

We will guide students to identify and analyze problems through user journey mapping, and learn how to apply design thinking methods to come up with innovative solutions. More importantly, students will use our no-coding platform DragOnce to create and deploy their solutions by themselves. These solutions will be used by students across the school in their daily lives, such as solving problems such as student activity registration, sports event results calculation, and logistics management.

We focus on practical learning, allowing students to experience and learn the process of digital innovation in solving real problems. This workshop will be a great opportunity for students to exercise innovative thinking and skills, realize themselves, and serve the community.

Why use No-code Solution?

The no-coding platform provides students with a new innovation tool. Without deep programming knowledge, students can create functional applications. This skill not only enables students to quickly realize their innovative ideas, but also helps students further understand the design and operation principles of digital products.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, students will be able to:

  • Fluently apply design thinking to identify and solve problems

  • Rapidly prototype and validate solutions using the no-coding platform DragOnce

  • Based on the needs of the target audience, they personally create and deploy their solutions, which will be used by the target users in their daily lives. For example, if students design a sports day management system, the whole school will use the system for registration, result calculation and logistics management.

  • Develop the skills you need to be a future innovator, designer, product manager, and entrepreneur.

Suitable for

For secondary school students interested in technology, innovation and problem solving.

Teaching Team

Alex Kwok

* HKUST Global Business & Information System (Class of 2019)
* HKUST MPhil in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (Class of 202)
* Over 8 years experiences in STEM Education (Drone Technologies, Media Production, Design etc.)
* Product Design Experiences in Startups and Workplace for 6 years (Crypto Industry, No-code Solutions, IoT solutions, Automobile Industry)

Alex Kwok



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