Micro Film Production Course

Want to present fascinating stories with visuals? Through this unit, students can have a more comprehensive shooting and production experience, from story planning, framing, writing scripts, storyboards, to shooting with professional shooting equipment, stabilizers, etc. 

Course Outline



Production Concept

  • Learn about the essential elements of the micro movie picture (picture, sound, atmosphere, effects, etc.)

  • Learn about writing scripts and storyboards, and conceiving the themes and materials for shooting (after the period, students will continue to modify in each lesson)


Basic shooting skills

  • Understand the basics of shooting (such as Pixels, principles of digital cameras, ISO, shutter, aperture, focal length, etc.)

  • Learn composition techniques (such as Rule of Third, Golden Triangle, Golden Ratio, Leading Lines, etc.)


Professional camera and gimbal control skills

  • Experience the functions and controls of a professional camera (mirrorless)

  • Understand and try the function, installation and setting method of PTZ (shooting stabilizer)

  • ​Equipment list and introduction



  • ​Go to the planned shooting sites for aerial and land filming

  • The production will be carried out in stages, including rehearsal, actors' drafts, field trips, prop production, audition, pre-shooting, formal shooting, supplementary mirroring, narration recording, etc. (some work will be completed by students themselves after class time)


Post Production

  • Material integration and sequencing according to the design of the storyboard

  • Learn how to use video editing tools (Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve)

  • Learn how to use After Effects [Enhancement]

  • Compile the clips into the essence, add appropriate music, special effects, color effects and other effects

  • ​In the editing process, specially teach students how to enhance the sense of cinematography in the video


Show Time

  • The special plus section allows students to appreciate the masterpieces and exchange ideas with each other

  • Conclusion and sharing on industrial experiences


In-class Quizzes

In order to evaluate students' understanding of the course content, there will be several interactive game quizzes in the course.

Project Evaluation

According to several scoring criteria, such as the main content of the work, the level of actors, shooting skills, visual presentation methods, etc., to evaluate the students' works and provide suggestions for improvement.


Equipment (Rentable / buyable)

Practice Drone

Professional drone

Camera:                     Sony 4K-Filming Camera

Gimbal:                      ZhiYun Crane 2 / Ronin S

Computer:                 CPU i5, RAM 16GB or above

Others:                       Tripod, slider

Extra Services


Purchase insurance for student outing shooting activities

Behind-the-scenes filming service

Capturing the moments of students

Other Information

Teacher-student ratio

1: 5 to 1:10, depending on the class or activity mode

Students' works

By Primary 6 students - "Our 6-year Rewind"