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Experience programming, give unlimited prospects

Programming is the common language of the future world

Many people think that STEM is only related to computer or information technology subjects. In fact, the most important thing is to learn arithmetic thinking, that is, a systematic thinking and problem-solving thinking mode. Therefore, the programming teaching advocated by the INSPIRE team focuses on solving difficult problems. In other words, the tutor will use different carriers in the classroom, such as drones or robots, to set up corresponding tasks for students to solve and challenge independently. Learning computational thinking is like mastering a new language without a specific knowledge background. Through different interesting and exciting learning experiences, students' interest in programming and their motivation to solve problems autonomously can be improved.

Course Sections

1. Experience in Fun Playing

Experience the fun and functionality of the carrier together and absorb inspiration.

2. Learn Coding

Learn the programming languages supported by the carrier.

3. Solve with Code

Work in groups to accomplish certain missions with coding

School Courses Overview

  • Drone Programming Beginner Course

    Tello EDU 入門編程

    以Scratch 或Swift Playground 等 視覺化程式設計語言(VPL) 進行簡易編程體驗,並控制Tello EDU 無人機的飛行動作和任務。
  • DJI Tello Swarming Course

    Tello EDU 群飛編程(進階)

    以Python 語言或相關SDK 指令進行複雜編程任務,包括同時控制多部Tello EDU 無人機的飛行動作和匯演任務。
  • RoboMaster S1

    INSPIRE Education首度與DJI合作舉行編程體驗課程,本課程將採用DJI的智能教育機械人RoboMaster S1 ,讓學員體驗程式設計的同時也認識智能機械人的結構及部件功用。
  • MODI 智能系統編程

    本課程將採用韓國LUXROBO研發的MODI 智能系統 ,讓學員親手設計並組裝自己的智能系統,進行自動監察或控制。

Public Courses Overview

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Other Courses

  • Aerial Filming Hong Kong







  • Premiere Pro Course





    #視頻剪輯 (Premiere / Davinci)

    #相片修輯 (Photoshop)

    #動畫設計 (After Effects)

  • Product Design Process


    #產品設計 X 3D打印

    #手機應用程式UI UX 設計

  • 科創工作坊





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