Online Teaching Assistive Solution

In view of the pandemic situation, it is likely to conduct online teaching in the coming semester to most students in Hong Kong. We understand how panic some teachers are when they are forced to prepare digital teaching content like remote teaching videos. Our team believes that teachers can record part of the teaching content into short videos before the beginning of the semester. Students can watch more flexibly and review themselves anytime. We are very aware of the workload and pressure of teachers. Therefore, our team hopes to provide the following comprehensive services to support teachers in recording or editing teaching videos.



Rapid Editing Service

To reduce the workload of teachers, our team offers premium services for editing and compiling the pre-recorded videos from teachers. Combining a stack of videos in sequence to illustrate concepts and content becomes possible and easy. 


On-site shooting service

To assist teachers who have no experience in broadcasting nor video taping, our team can provide cost-effective and professional filming services on-site such that teachers can focus on their teaching and course content preparation. They do not have to care about equipment, setup and time for editing as well. 


Equipment rental service

When teachers want to create their own teaching videos with maximum freedom, but they lack suitable shooting equipment?Our team offers equipment rental services to empower teachers to be capable to shoot high-quality teaching videos. 

Service Details

Rapid Editing Service

  • Understand teachers' requirements

  • ​Collect relevant editing materials

  • ​Confirm video sequence and details

  • ​Start editing and submit a first draft

  • Make a simple modification

  • ​Editing process can be completed within 6 hours on average


On-site shooting service

  • Understand teacher's requirements and content

  • Team planning shooting process

  • Scheduled shooting date and time

  • Shooting begins and then check the filmed video on the spot

  • ​Complete post-production within the specified date


Equipment rental service

  • Understand teacher's shooting requirements and content

  • Suggest suitable equipment

  • Provide Quotation and Terms & Conditions

  • ​Schedule return time

  • Check equipment when renting

  • Brief introduction and training on the operation of equipment

  • Check the equipment when returning

  • ​Refund of deposit







  1. 手寫筆跡片
  2. 頭像
  3. 其它演示片 (如PowerPoint slides...)



  1. 插入「思考時間」(留白) 或「倒數時間」(計時)
  2. 插入 中文或英文字幕
  3. 插入 QR Code 讓學生掃描,以下載相關試題或教材
  4. (其它特別要求,可向我們提出)


在看過初版剪輯後,可享兩次的免費修改 (以影片匯出為汁)



我們團隊一般建議有兩種的拍攝方法: A. 電子畫板教學法 老師只需似平日坐在教員室內,對著專業相機鏡頭及收音設備演講,執起相應的電子書寫筆,在我們提供的iPad Pro / Surface Pro 上書寫教學。 B. 黑板教學法 老師只需配帶領夾咪,便可如平日在班房內教學,我們的攝製團隊會分鏡拍攝黑板上的內容及老師的動態。