Brand Promotion

Product photography

Understand the customer's product background and design concept, and take product photography for customer sales and promotion.

Promotional video

Shoot product promotional videos to promote the advantages and functions of the product on social media and promotional vehicles.

Graphic design

Graphic design for customer product web pages and product thank you cards

The shooting started in November 2018, shooting a promotional video for the customer TIRAPY's product TIRABALL. The product concept is derived from the principles related to Tai Chi and emphasizes that the product can be used anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the team decided to shoot in different locations to show the concept of the product.

Master Titan林俊熙師傅在鬧市宣傳Tiraball
Titan 師傅在油麻地榕樹頭練習Tiraball運動
Titan 師傅在大金鐘為Tiraball進行拍攝
Titan 師傅在彩虹邨為Tiraball進行產品拍攝
Titan 師傅在銅鑼灣鬧市為Tiraball進行產品拍攝

The shooting lasted four days, and the team also went to many different indoor and outdoor scenic spots in Hong Kong to shoot, adding to the film’s appreciability.

Including Rainbow Village, Causeway Bay, Sham Shui Po, Tin Hau Temple, Tai Admiralty and so on.

Master Titan 林俊熙師傅在大金鐘進行拍攝

The other main filming location was Tai Admiralty in Ma On Shan. Shooting a martial arts-themed movie at the top of the mountain not only emphasizes production and blends Tai Chi-related elements, but also enhances the dramatic effect and attracts the audience's attention.


One of the main shooting locations is the event space in Sha Tin, which simulates the effect of using TIRABALL in a home environment.

Titan 師傅在共享工作空間進行宣傳拍攝

This scene is set in a shared working space, and the purpose is to show the founder's process of developing products.

Tirapy 產品宣傳短片

Appreciation is the most important part of the promotional film. In addition to providing audiences with product information, visual elements are also an indispensable part. Therefore, the team added visual effects, sound effects, and transition effects in post-production to get the audience's attention and highlight the information contained in the film.

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Promotional video