Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Shoot and cut event shooting

Event photography

Capture the wonderful moments of the event with the lens of a professional photography team.

Activity video shooting

The different details and moments of the event were recorded and made into a retrospective video of the event.

Activity aerial

Shooting from the air, showing the scale and layout of the event from another angle‧

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is one of the long-term cooperative clients of our team. This event is to bring a three-day and two-night experience of life on a university campus and Hong Kong to educators from all over Europe, and to promote the benefits of foreign college students coming to Hong Kong to study. Our team is the filming team for this event, and we need to shoot and cut a retrospective video of the event on the morning of the third day.


The schedule of the event is also very urgent. Different activities can be carried out in different places at the same time. Therefore, the team's prior division of labor is particularly important to ensure that there will be no repeated shooting or missed shooting. Close communication with customers is also very important. Therefore, taking into account the special needs of customers, the team must discuss with the customers the main/secondary shooting goals and the photographer's route in advance to ensure that the needs of the customers are met.

香港科技大學陳鈞傑教授 - 火博士

The filming of the event extends to the evening, so the team also uses a rotation method to allow one member to start the preliminary film screening and editing in the afternoon to ensure that there has been a certain degree of progress after the evening shooting is completed, and other team members are also given a little bit Make a rest space, and then do the next editing.

Films that are shot and cut can help give participants a sense of sincerity, and therefore help enhance the audience’s impression of the brand. If you are also interested in filming your event, please contact us to learn more.

​Event Videos