Brand Promotion

Product photography

Understand the customer's product background and design concept, and take product photography for customer sales and promotion.

Promotional video

Shoot product promotional videos to promote the advantages and functions of the product on social media and promotional vehicles.

Activity aerial

Shooting from the air, showing the scale and layout of the event from another angle‧

GoGoCamp is one of the largest camping equipment rental platforms in Hong Kong.

We at INSPIRE promote their brands and services to our clients, and also photograph their events.

The purpose of this promotional video is mainly to introduce the customer experience process of renting camping equipment. It was shot at a cafe in Kwun Tong, campsites and stations in Sai Kung. In addition to ground shooting, aerial footage was also used to shoot high-altitude footage to show the beautiful and comfortable natural landscape around the camp. This footage was also used in the 2017 TV program.

In addition, GoGoCamp also organized a large-scale camping event, using more than 100 tents.

Due to the large scale of this event, it is necessary to take photos from the air to see the entire venue. Of course, close-up photos will be taken on the ground.

If you are also interested in filming your event, please contact us to learn more.

Promotional video


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