Large-scale event shooting

Event photography

Capture the wonderful moments of the event with the lens of a professional photography team.

Activity video shooting

The different details and moments of the event were recorded and made into a retrospective video of the event.

Activity aerial

Shooting from the air, showing the scale and layout of the event from another angle‧

"BE A CAMPER! Vernal Equinox Camping Experience Festival 2019" is a large-scale outdoor camping event held annually by the client Camperism. The event was held at Cheung Chau West Park. Many local and overseas companies participated in the event, set up booths and held workshops, including hand-made workshops, musical performances, etc. The event is mainly filmed during the day, so our team also needs to seize the time to shoot at different booths.

BE A CAMPER! 春分露營體驗祭2019活動照片懷舊展品
BE A CAMPER! 春分露營體驗祭2019露營用品

There are also many product display booths in the venue, so product photography is also an important part of this kind of carnival.

BE A CAMPER! 春分露營體驗祭2019活動照片

The performance of Le Groupe Electrogène Fanfare Club was one of the climax of the event, and the photographer seized the opportunity to step forward to take pictures of the wonderful moments of the performance.

BE A CAMPER! 春分露營體驗祭2019活動照片
BE A CAMPER! 春分露營體驗祭2019活動照片
BE A CAMPER! 春分露營體驗祭2019活動照片

There are many different types of stalls in the venue, including hand-made bamboo chopsticks, wood splitting with axe, rice ball making, etc.

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​Event Videos