Large-scale event shooting

Event photography

Capture the wonderful moments of the event with the lens of a professional photography team.

Activity video shooting

The different details and moments of the event were recorded and made into a retrospective video of the event.

Activity aerial

Shooting from the air, showing the scale and layout of the event from another angle‧

INSPIRE STUDIO was shooting event photos and making retrospective videos for GOGOCAMP, one of the organizers of BMW X Land.

BMW X Land was held on December 7-8, 2019. It is a taste car camping event organized by BMW. The campsite is located in Shangbaini and covers an area of more than 150,000 square feet.

BMW x LAND 活動攝影
BMW x LAND 活動攝影

This camping experience includes activities that need to be photographed, including a number of booths from different units, workshops for various car owners to participate, such as picnic cooking, coffee latte experience, yoga class. The venue also offers BMW new cars for exhibition.

In the retrospective film of the event, the most important element of course is the participants themselves. Therefore, the smile and moment of each participant are the focus of this shooting. This also allows the audience to feel that the service provided by the customer can give the customer a satisfying experience.

BMW x LAND 活動攝影

Due to the very good weather that day, the shooting of the venue was mainly focused on the time when the light was softer before sunset. Using aerial camera as the main site shooting tool can capture the scale of the campsite and the car owner’s car for the customer, reflecting the scale of the camping experience and allowing the audience to understand the services provided by the customer from another angle more clearly .

BMW x LAND 活動中的攤位遊戲
BMW x LAND 活動中的咖啡店

In addition to BMW, many well-known organizations participated in this event, including The North Face, LEGO, NINETYS Coffee, etc. By showing booth activities of different cooperative units, it also helps to enhance the brand image. If you are also interested in filming your event, please contact us to learn more.

​Event Videos