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Why is Design thinking more influential than programming skills?

Coding is also indispensable in various STEM courses. Many parents and teachers believe that programming is an essential language ability in the future. However, the breakthrough in problem solving ability and thinking is the key to greatly increasing value. For example, if a team of top-level engineers with programming skills don't know how to observe the details and find good inspiration in life, they can only stay in front of the computer and write valuable programs.

The success or failure of a product begins with conceptual design. Therefore, the designer plays this important role, observing the problems and needs from the perspective of the target user, and conceiving a lot of wild design concepts, and then making prototypes for testing and discussing with the engineering staff.

Problem solving and design skills are an innate gift for everyone. Therefore, our team believes that in order to comprehensively improve the creativity and competitiveness of students, whether students are interested in programming or not, they can also experience how to independently design some novel objects or mobile phone applications, using the most suitable tools and technologies, simply and directly Demonstrate concepts to target users, gain insight into the details of life, and make use of your own universe.

Iterative Design

1. Observe and think

2. Design prototype

Key considerations in product design

1. Effectiveness

2. Ease of use

3. Reliability

3. Test & Evaluate

4. Repeat to modify

Ability training

1. Observability

2. Teamwork

3. Problem solving & Execution

Workshop Sections


Product design process introduction, "user-oriented", simplicity and other design concepts

Brainstorming session

Learn the corresponding prototyping tools by software or hardware design


Design products and make prototypes in small groups in accordance with the problems set up in the workshop, with the goal of solving and improving

Interviews and feedback with target users

Workshops Overview

  • 3D Printing Course

    Product Design X 3D Printing

    With the goal of designing hardware product prototypes, learn how to use tools such as CAD drawing software and 3D printers, and also combine some simple circuit devices to complete the production according to the design requirements.
  • Mobile UX UI Design Course

    Mobile App UX UI Design

    Let students know how to carefully design the User experience (UX) and User interface (UI) from the perspective of user, and connect them into prototypes of interactive experiences for demonstration, so that they can explore career and development directions.
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