Multimedia Design Courses

Inspire students to use digital technology

What is the significance of multimedia design?

Nowadays, in the digital world, tools such as shooting and editing are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, multimedia production should gradually change from being a designer's profession to a mass creation tool. Students who are full of imagination and curiosity should be bold in expressing their feelings and thoughts through multimedia design, and share with the world through the charm of multimedia.
It is not easy to make a professional and infectious work. From observation, organization, design, shooting, post-editing to release, students can contact and experience a series of tests. The skills they practice are not just the "hard technology" of multimedia production, but also the "soft power" they have been used for. Such as observation, expression and organization skills, creativity and teamwork skills.

Basic processes involved

Design Planning
actual production
post production
video editing process.png

1. Planning

2. Production

3. Post Production

4. Iterations

Course Sessions

Production lecture


How professional shooting equipment works

Equipment manipulation, camera movement and composition skills

​Equipment maintenance and upgrade considerations

production gimbal


Select relevant units and activities according to different learning goals

[E.g.] Micro movie production:

From story writing to material conception, students can make detailed plans through storyboards, then prepare required materials, then shoot off-campus, and finally compile the footages into works

Production Courses

Post-Production Courses

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