H^2 Innovation


Event visit video shooting

Visit video shooting

Through team interviews, the interviewees’ experiences or feelings were captured, and the video clips of the competition were added to edit the essence of the video.

Activity video shooting

The different moments of the event have been seized green, plus the materials taken by the team into a retrospective video of the event.

This event is the H^2 Innovation Challenge, a student entrepreneurship competition co-organized by New World Development Co., Ltd. and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The team was invited to conduct interviews as the organizers and winners of the event, and filming was conducted in mid-May. The team needs to produce two versions of the film, a short film of about 90 seconds and about 30 seconds:

​Event Videos

The difference from the previous shooting is that some of the winners of this interview need to be interviewed through the online video call Zoom, and the video on the camera lens is generally blurry. Therefore, when interviewing the winners, in addition to recording the video and video calls, the team also shot the B-Roll shot on site to enhance the interest of the pictures.


The scene of this interview was filmed at K11 Atelier, a subsidiary of New World Development Co., Ltd. Since the shooting range is relatively small, by setting multiple lens positions at different angles, a more varied picture can be shot, so that the audience will not feel bored.