Tello EDU Programming for Beginners

This course uses Tello EDU drones and related applications to allow students to experience the fun of driving drones through games and themed activities. Combining with programming such as Scratch graphics or Swift Playground, guide students to learn how to write programs to control drones. The course not only leads students to understand the use and application of drones, understands the relevant laws and regulations, and uses safety. It also organizes small drone competitions to set up obstacles so that each student can complete the challenge.

Why do we learn programming with drones?

Learning DJI Tello

Drones are gaining more and more attention as a device that can expand human capabilities in daily work. It can reach places that humans usually cannot reach, record footage from unique angles previously unimaginable, and opens up more possibilities for bringing more convenience to our lives. To take full advantage of drone capabilities, today's young people should not only learn how to operate drones, but also how to customise them to their needs. That's why drone programming courses are essential: teach the next generation how to integrate their ideas into drones to execute. In conjunction with new developments in the field of computer vision, students will learn how to work with drones and process material in real time to provide insights. At the end of the course, students will be eager to realize their ideas and be able to do so using drone technology.




About Drone Technologies

  • Introduce drone applications in various industries and share examples

  • Objectives of this course

  • Explain the drone regulations and safety rules for drone flight in Hong Kong

  • In-depth introduction to different parts of drones and their applications


Flight experience

  • Introduce the proper procedures of drone take-off, security inspection and landing

  • Experience DJI Tello EDU


Visual Programming

  • General programming concepts, such as logical thinking, basic instructions, parameter settings, etc.

  • How to control Tello EDU with Scratch / Swift Playground


"Little Flying-Bot" Contest

  • Participants conduct finals in small groups and apply the programming functions learned in the course to specific flight missions


In-class quizzes

​Understand the students' understanding of the course content, there will be several interactive game quizzes in the course.

Contest Scoring

​Score by completion time, accuracy, and creativity


Equipment (Rental / Buy / Bring Your Own)

- Programming drones:

DJI Tello EDU and additional backup batteries

- Tablet:


Extra Services

Behind-the-scenes filming service

Filming the moments of students' participation

Other Information

Teacher-student ratio

1: 5 to 1:10, depending on the class or activity mode

About Tello EDU


This drone can be controlled through the mobile phone or tablet with the matching App, which is easy to use. In addition to the control APP provided for this aircraft, you can also download another TELLO EDU app of the same name that can be used to learn programming, use the building blocks to control the aircraft to pass through the levels, and learn programming knowledge and drone programming and control. Designed for teens who are new to programming. For students who want to learn advanced programming, Tello EDU can perfectly support various programming languages: Python, C ++, Java, PHP, JS, etc. No matter what language you need to do is connect to Tello's wifi and write a program Connect via socks and send command commands to specific ports (all commands can be viewed in the official SDK2.0 instruction manual, which is an essential document for subsequent programming) to control Tello's flight.