Drone Experiential Course

Want your students to experience the fun of drones safely? And explore its technology and applications? Join our 6-hour experience and manipulation training course, and our tutors will take students into the drone world.

In the course, the instructor of INSPIRE will introduce the drone-related technologies and operating rules, and explain the safety awareness of drone flight, and let students experience drone control, use drones to aerial photography, and explore the community.

Course Outline

  • ​Mission

    Let students know the latest drone technology, as well as students experience and master how to control drones, and through the course, arouse students' interest in media production and engineering applications
  • Target

    Students in Primary 4 and above who are interested in drone technology
  • Duration

    6 hours



UAV technology, regulations and principles

  • Introduce drone applications in various industries and share examples

  • Objectives of this course

  • Explain the drone regulations and safety rules for drone flight in Hong Kong

  • In-depth introduction to different parts of drones and their applications


Drone control training

  • Introduce the drone's take-off, security inspection, and landing procedures

  • Experience controlling practice drone, other practice drones, and various professional drones

  • Complete the drone safety written test and various flight route training


Safety Written Test (20 - 50 MCs)


The course will require participants to conduct aerial safety knowledge tests, which are based on the guidelines of the Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong.


Equipment (rentable / buyable)

Practice drone
Professional drones

Other Information

Teacher-student ratio

1: 5 to 1:10, depending on the lesson or activity mode



Hong Kong



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