Product Evaluation

According to several objective scoring criteria, such as the main content of the work, selection of materials, editing skills, visual presentation methods, etc., evaluate the students' works and provide suggestions for improvement.



CPU i5, RAM 16GB or above, with Davinci Resolve 16 or higher


3.5mm earphones

Extra Services

Video Editing Course - Davinci Resolve

This course is designed to teach students how to sort, filter, and import the videos they shoot to their free video editing software-Davinci Resolve, based on their storyboards. Students will have the opportunity to explore professional video editing techniques and continue to use this free software for editing at home. Since this application is free, their motivation for learning and self-motivation will be greatly enhanced.



Introduction to Post Production

  • Learn about the essential elements of a video (Edited clips, sound, atmosphere, effects, etc.)

  • Learn about storyboards, and conceiving story topics and needs and materials

  • Meet video editing tools - Davinci Resolve, including basic workflow, user interface, functional awareness, etc.


Editing with Davinci Resolve

  • Materials and Footages importing and sequencing according to the drafted storyboard

  • Learn how to use Davinci Resolve, such as importing footage, basic editing skills, adding subtitles, etc.

  • Edit the clips into the essence, add appropriate music, special effects, color correction, transitions and other effects

  • In the editing period, specially teach students how to enhance the sense of cinematography in the video


Show Time

  • This section allows students to appreciate the masterpieces and exchange ideas with each other

  • Conclusion with ending note sharing


Behind-the-scenes filming service

Capturing moments of students

Other Information

Teacher-student ratio

1: 5 to 1:10, depending on the class or activity mode

Why do we choose Davinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve is free professional short film editing software. It contains all the tools needed by professional editors to edit masterpiece videos, TV shows and commercials. The high-performance playback engine doubles the efficiency of editing and trimming, even H.264 and RAW formats, which are extremely processor-intensive.