Aerial 3D Mapping Course

3D mapping technology (Photogrammetry) is a common drone application. In construction projects, this technology facilitates manpower and material resources, especially for site inspection. After completing 6 hours of basic drone training, students can use this unit to learn how to import photos taken by drones into related applications and create 3D models for interactive browsing experience on social media platforms.

Course Outline

  • Mission

    Let students experience how to use drones to take photos from multiple perspectives, and use photogrammetry engines to render 3D models, and how to edit, measure, animate or 3D model print models

  • Target Students

    Students who are Primary 6 or above, and are curious about 3D modeling and sketching

  • Duration

    6 hours (including outdoor shooting activities)



Photogrammetry concept

  • Discuss what is photogrammetry? Examples of industry sharing (Inspection with Aerial 3D Models)

  • Introduce the objectives and shooting tasks of this course

  • Explain the shooting equipment and modeling engine (type of aerial camera, modeling engine program)


Mapping Skills Training

  • Introduce the movement (surround flight) and precautions commonly used in Aerial 3D mapping

  • Mini indoor/ outdoor practice


Outdoor Mapping Production

  • Aerial mapping near selected buildings or locations


Model Rendering (Enriched Section)

  • Import footages into the rendering engines

  • Edit and export works to web plug-ins, and even export to 3D print files to print models


In-class Quizzes

​Evaluate the students' understanding of the course content, there will be several interactive game quizzes in the course.

Project Evaluation

Based on certain objective scoring criteria, such as model clarity and complexity, evaluate the students' works and provide suggestions for improvement.


Equipment (Rentable/Buyable)

Practice drone
Professional drones

Additional Service

3D Model Rendering Software License

Choose different programs according to the needs of the project.


Purchase insurance for student outing shooting activities.

Behind-the-scenes filming service

Capturing the learning moments of students.

Other Information

Teacher-student ratio

1: 5 to 1:10, depending on the lesson or activity mode

Students' Works

Student webpage
(please use computer to watch)
3D Printed Objects


Hong Kong



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