Aerial 360 Panorama Course

360 Panorama shooting can bring people the feeling of being in the mid-air to enjoy the aerial landscape. After completing 6 hours of drone basic training, students can use this unit to learn how to stitch photos taken by drones into 360 panoramic photos for interactive browsing experience on social media platforms.

Course Outline

  • Mission

    Let students experience the skills of taking various photos with drones and manually stitching them into 360 panoramic photos that can be exported to social media

  • Target Students

    Primary 6 or above students and interested in taking aerial photos and aerial panoramic photos

  • Duration

    4 hours (can include off-campus shooting sessions)



Concept of 360 Panorama

  • Introduce the objectives and shooting tasks of this course

  • Explain the image stitching technology and the principle of 360 panorama

  • Introduction to shooting equipment and software (types of aerial cameras, picture stitching and editing programs)


Outdoor shooting

  • Taking multiple aerial images for Aerial 360 panoramic shots near selected buildings or locations


Editing and Stitching

  • Import footages into stitching program

  • ​Use Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom to edit and export the work to social pages


In-class Quizzes

To evaluate the students' understanding of the course content, there will be several interactive game quizzes in the course.

Project Evaluation

Based on several objective scoring criteria, such as picture sharpness and aesthetics, evaluate the students' works and provide suggestions for improvement.

Equipment / Software

Equipment (Rentable/Buyable)

Practice Drone

Professional Drone

Computer Software

Photo Editing :       Adobe Photoshop/ Lightroom

Extra Services


Purchase insurance for student outing shooting activities.

Behind-the-scenes filming service

Capturing the moments of students' learning

Other Information

Teacher-student ratio

1: 5 to 1:10, depending on the lesson or activity mode

Students' Showreel



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